The Start of Something Magnificent

Getting ready to install the signage and equip the new Mauna Kaua Training Center in Pollock Pines California and joining in spirit our brothers and sisters in Honolulu Hawaii. The journey getting to where we are today is nothing short of magnificent. I like to thank all my students past, present, and future for being such wonderful sources of inspiration. Your success is my greatest reward and confirms the efficacy and fortitude of our unique process of “training center”.

Of course I’d be completely remiss without mentioning my continued appreciation for Grand Master Chris Chan’s instruction which has planted the seed for so many martial arts masters past present and future. I strive to be a shining proponent of all the wisdom he has passed on to me from the Great Grand Master Ip Man – for whom without there would be no Bruce Lee.

I also like to express my appreciation for the Jacobsen clan for their years of support and participation in the training “way of life”. Their help and kindness has been instrumental in bringing me here today. I am looking forward to many more years of training together.

And lastly but not least I want to express my infinite appreciation to James and his clan for bringing me and Luna into the fold. James has the vision and foresight to see the potential of bringing in a training center into the heart of Pollock Pines golden triangle. His confidence is contagious as is his inspiration as a veteran and life long martial arts practitioner. James also coined the training centers new name – “Mauna Kaua” or Fight Mountain… magnificent!

Officially the doors open May 1st however I’m sure training will begin over the next few days if I gauge the response from the locals thus far. I humbly look forward to being of service to you and the community. Together – we are the mountain!

mahalo nui loa, Sifu Z

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