Journey to Mauna Kaua

The journey to Mauna Kaua is not really very far and is centrally located. Perhaps an hour from Sacramento and only 12 minutes away from Placerville. Yet Pollock Pines is truly the western entrance to the Sierras. A decidedly different feel and environment from the surrounding town densities with a population of a little over 6000 folks.

I’m in phase one of the set up and the beautification and signage is phase two. First thing is to get acquainted with the town folk and explore the geography a bit. Then clean up time and admin duties.

We really need to get our hands on a large wrestling style mat. Anyone out there got any leads on one let me know. This is what’s been moved into the location so far. Looking to find a counter for the merch and register as well. Probably move the office desk in tomorrow.

Sign up sheets should be available over the next few days. Stay tuned.

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