Mauna Kaua Update

Aloha Everyone and welcome to Mauna Kaua. As of this writing our location in Pollock Pines California will be closing its doors for the winter. There are no solid plans for reopening at this location however we are looking at other locations for our facility. We hope to reopen by the spring of 2020!

The locations that are currently being scouted are (in no order of preference): South Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Australia, New Zealand and Ashland N. Carolina. Contact us if you live in these areas and are interested in sponsoring a facility at your location.

The Mauna Kaua mission is to offer the very best Wing Chun, Self Defense and Fitness instruction on the planet. Our motto is “Fight the Mountain of Ignorance and Arrogance Within”. Of course the art is to make the process fun while transforming your life to suit your purpose.


I look forward to training with you! Sifu Z

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