Wing Chun Kung Fu in Folsom

I thought it might take a week or two to find a new location for Mauna Kaua Wing Chun. It took two hours. I drove to Folsom to take a long sought after hot shower at the gym. It has literally been 9 months since I had a hot shower proper. What a treat. After my workout I strolled around the neighborhood and could not believe what I saw.

I’ve been to Folsom many times but I have never explored it proper. The prison home of Jonny Cash has become famously gentrified. The many public community parks seem to be in coLembiParkmpetition with one another. Very well manicured with clean bathrooms and even a water park. Folsom is huge. There seems to be a good deal of new money here. A feasible population density with the right demographic for a modern American city.

With all the indoor and outdoor options to hold classes it is a no brainer as to where I’ll be conducting Wing Chun class. I will also be available beyond the Folsom region and there is talk of training up at Fresh Pond right above Pollock Pines.

If you’d like to attend the group Wing Chun session here in Folsom – contact me 24-48 hours prior for the current location. We will be taking advantage of the many places Folsom has to offer for us to train. Sessions are Monday thru Friday 3pm unless otherwise stated. Class fee is to be paid prior to the start of class. Indoor location will require separate gym fee.

I look forward to training with you all together here in Folsom. Wing Chun produces yet another win/win!

aloha Sifu Z

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