House Rules


1- Absolutely no violence allowed. This is a supportive nurturing environment. Unwanted aggression toward any Mauna Kaua member will be banned without refund from this establishment. Safety is our #1 priority.

2- Keep it clean. You must be freshly washed and laundered before coming in to train. Nails must be cut. Please refrain from foul language — this is a family establishment. No littering inside or outside of Mauna Kaua Training Center.

3- Pay your dues. Part of training is following through your financial commitments and maintaining your priorities. 

4- Sign the waiver. No one is permitted to train or enter the center without signing a waiver and showing proper ID. (IDs are photo copied & held private and confidential) Entering this facility without signing a waiver will be considered criminal trespassing — violators will be prosecuted.

5- Follow musical protocol. If music is being played and it is not to your liking you have the option of changing it after 10 mins. Members shall rotate music being played every 10 min or request that music be turn down or off. You may also consider ear buds. This is your training center. Nobody is allowed to dominate the air waves.

6- No food allowed. Please do not eat in the center. All food and drinks shall be kept at the front counter. Water is ok.

7- No drugs or intoxication. No drugs or alcohol allowed. You are prohibited from training in this facility if you are under the influence of drugs. If you take a prescription you must inform the head instructor prior to training.

8- Have fun training. That’s what we are all here for — to enjoy like-minded people who enjoy the Heart Mind & Body Training Center lifestyle. We are here to help each other out and elevate one another. Our fun doesn’t come at the expense of others. A little respect goes a long way. Enjoy!

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